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Why you should choose the EvoWash sand washing plant


There are numerous reasons why the Evowash offers the best sand washing solution on the market. The case for the Evowash over traditional washing technologies such as bucket wheels and screw classifiers is well established but when it comes to other hydrocyclone based washing plants the superior quality and performance of the Evowash is just as clear.

Vertical versus Inclined Cyclone Configuration

The Evowash design includes a vertical hydrocyclone arrangement with 10mm rubber lining throughout.

Evowash cyclone configuration                                    

CDE Evowash       


Cyclone discharge and feedbox

The Evowash includes a large rubber lined feedbox which is positioned to ensure the cyclone underflow is discharged across the full width of the dewatering screen.

This maximises the screening area and ensures high efficiency dewatering of your sand. The feedbox can also be opened during operation to monitor the cyclone discharge onto the dewatering screen.


Evowash feedbox                      
   CDE Evowash feedbox and cyclone                             

If the feedbox is too small it also results in excess wear on the dewatering screen as all of the discharge impacts on the centre of the screen rather than being spread across its full width.

Discharging the cyclone underflow onto the centre of the screen means you are not using the full screening area which results in your sand product having a higher moisture content than should be the case.

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Dewatering screen

The Evowash uses modular Isenmann non-bolted polyurethane screen panels in combination with polyurethane side protection panels to protect the screen frame from wear. 

There is also a polyurethane dam bar at the end of the screen that retains material on the screen for a longer period of time resulting in better dewatering of your material.

evowash dewatering screen                 
   Evowash dewatering screen                           

On systems which require bolting of the dewatering screen not only is the screening area reduced but replacing the panels takes considerably more time during planned maintenance.

The introduction of the Polyurethane side protection panels also servues to maximise plant production.

request a quotation for the evowash sand washing plant

Request a quotation for the Evowash sand washing plant



Electrical connections on the Evowash are housed in our unique goal post arrangement which offers protection against vibration and the outside elements.


electric motors on Evowash            
   Evowash electric motors                                      
The protection afforded to the electrics on the EvoWash as a result of this arrangement maximises plant production.


Pump protection in the sump

The integrated Warman slurry pump on the Evowash is protected from damage by rogue aggregates by means of a polyurethane pump protection mat with 20mm aperture. 


pump protection mats in Evowash sump             
   Evowash sump                                                   
If no such protection is offered the risk of damage to the pump is increased.


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Marshmallow screen mounts

The Evowash uses high efficiency rubber marshmallow screen mounts that transfer 10% - 15% more energy to the screen resulting in better dewatering of your material and also protecting the screen frame from vibration likely to lead to plant failure.


Evowash rubber marshmallow screen mounts              
   Evowash screen mounts                                    

Marshmallow screen mounts ensure the maximum transfer of energy from the screen into the material being dewatered. This ensures the final product has the lowest possible moisture content and is ready for market straight from the EvoWash.





Alignment of cyclone and dewatering screen specification

All Evowash sand washing plants are designed to ensure the capacity of the cyclone and the dewatering screen are aligned for optimum performance.

Proper alignment of the cyclone and dewatering screen configuration ensures that production is maximised as a result of careful attention being paid to maximising the life of all the component parts of the EvoWash sand washing plant.


washed sand on Evowash screen at Holcim
   Sand produced by Evowash

Float system

The Evowash utilizes a vertical floating system. The sump always maintains the water level, ensuring that we avoid material impacting on the walls of the sump.


Evowash sump float                                                                           





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