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Anaerobic Digester Cleaning

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Anaerobic Digester Cleaning


Grit is a major problem within anaerobic digestion. This type of material can include eggshells, bone, lime, ash, glass and various other inert high-density materials which settle in the digester tank, reducing the capacity in the tank and therefore decreasing its efficiency. Not only that, but grit is highly abrasive and causes attrition and wear on downstream processes. This results in the need for regular maintenance and replacement of parts. 


Digester tanks require regular cleaning to increase the retention time of bio-solids in the tank as well as reduce the costs of heating it. Removing grit increases digestion and the life of the sludge pumps and other parts. CDE's mobile, in-line grit removal technology allows for grit to be removed from the anaerobic digestion processes, without the need to shut digester tanks down. The D:MAX uses vibrating platform screen technology in a mobile screening & classification system to efficiently remove grit, rag and other troublesome solids from a waste stream.

The D:MAX can be easily moved around a number of sites if required, facilitating processing in-situ at a variety of locations. This minimises the transport movements required to bring waste material to a processing site.

The D:MAX mobile solution can be used to screen and dewater material from other tanks including:

  • sludge holding tanks
  • primary tanks
  • storm detention tanks
  • pumping stations and culverts



Our solution makes tank cleaning more efficient and more cost-effective for operators as they're able to recover more grit without needing to shut the digester tanks off

Maximum dewatering ensures the rag material going to landfill is now drier and easier to manage. The D:MAX recovers up to 90% of grit can be used in a number of further applications:

  • nutrient rich soil or composting additive
  • backfill and pipe bedding
  • generation of biosolids

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Grit Removal from Digester Tanks with Customer Conhur, Australia

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