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Scalpings & Overburden

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Scalpings & Overburden

By introducing one of our custom built wet processing plants we can help you to maximise the resource yield from your deposit while simultaneously reducing waste. Due to the variable nature of scalpings and overburden each processing plant is custom built to your specific requirements.

This first involves a detailed analysis of your feed material to establish the volume of commercial sand and aggregate material that can be recovered. We then work with you to design and deliver a wet processing plant built to address the specific challenges of your project which may include:

• Organic contamination – leaves, roots, etc

• Clay contamination

• High fines content (minus 63 micron / 200 mesh)

These processing plants include material from across our portfolio which can be introduced throughout the process:

• Feeding

• Scrubbing

• Screening & Sizing

• Organics & lightweights removal (leaves, roots etc)

• Sand washing

• Primary stage water treatment

• Sludge management

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