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SOMEVAM (Sebri Group), Tunisia

Case study

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State-of-the-art 200tph silica sand wash plant installed in Tunisia, producing five products ready for market straight off the belts.

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SOMEVAM, a subsidiary of the Sebri Group, has been operating quarries servicing the construction market in Tunisia since 2001. To diversify its operations, the company decided to invest in the production of specialist industrial sands for the glass industry in North Africa, Asia, and Europe. 

The specialist clear glass sand market requires adherence to superior standards and therefore the company required the most advanced, durable, and sustainable processing equipment, capable of producing 200 tons per hour.

The Problem:

SOMEVAM wanted to extend its operations into specialist glass sand production to increase its profitability. SOMEVAM had previously been producing road base and concrete sands for the commodity market, with reduced profitability. They wanted to differentiate their product offering to open a range of international markets.

The Bespoke CDE Solution:

To guarantee the precision of the cut points, as well as the required production volumes, SOMEVAM opted for a complete turnkey washing solution. The CDE plant needed to be able to treat up to 200 tons per hour of sand, producing 100 tons per hour of silica glass sand for the glass industry, as well as fine silica sand for silica flour production, foundry sand, concrete sand, and road base.

The washing plant comprises a combination of CDE equipment including: an M4500 primary modular wash plant to classify materials five Infinity™ screens, four attrition cells, spiral separators, a Counter Flow Classification Unit (CFCU), a Nano-cyclone, a magnet, and four EvoWash™ sand washing units.

The solution processes fine materials, coarse materials, eliminates contaminants, and produces high-specification glass sand. The efficiency of the system is reinforced by the AquaCycle™ thickener which recycles up to 90% of the process water back into the system, eliminating the need for a settling pond.

The Result:

The CDE plant at the SOMEVAM quarry recovers 100% of the feed material, transforming it into five in-spec materials.

The system is fully flexible and currently produces glass sand (30-100 MESH) and a range of other products: oversize (+6 MESH), coarse sand (6-30 MESH), ultrafines (100-400 MESH) and foundry sand for a range of applications (30-400 MESH); all ready for sale straight from the belts. The flexibility of the CDE solution enables the equipment to be tailored for other cut points in line with different market specifications.


200tph Silica Sand Wash Plant Installed for SOMEVAM (Sebri Group) in Tunisia