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weBuildBackSmart Business Platform

Supporting the sustainable post-COVID-19 recovery in Southeastern and Eastern Europe.

15 April 2021

weTHINK Virtual Event

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weTHINK is bringing together leaders with a common vision for the future to unleash the potential of Southeastern Europe through the up-coming Multiannual Financial Framework 2021-2027 of the European Union. By making every voice count, the weBuildBackSmart initiative will not only facilitate a much needed platform for forming future consortiums in the field of green, smart and digital initiatives, but also foster a much needed debate on the economic and social future of Europe.

CDE has been invited to join this event and share inspirations from the region and technological advancements for the future. Attending our booth will be:

  • Mr. Andrew Wilson - CDE Global
  • Ms. Darja Figelj - Interseroh
  • Ms. Susana Fonseca - ZERO – Associação Sistema Terrestre Sustentável

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