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CDE Ready For Impact at Dubai Mining Show

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30 October 2019

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This article first appeared in Gulf Construction (view here).

CDE will once again be a Silver sponsor at this year’s Dubai Mining Show, where the company looks forward to showcasing its latest wet processing innovations. CDE will also deliver expert talks and lead discussions on the significant added value the most advanced washing technology can bring to mine and quarry operators. 

“Being a Silver sponsor at the Mining Show gives CDE the opportunity to showcase its revolutionary wet processing solutions to the region’s materials producers,” Ruchin Garg, regional manager at CDE for Mena, told Gulf Construction. “CDE has an excellent track record in delivering highly efficient solutions to the sand and aggregates, industrial sands, mining and construction and demolition waste recycling sectors.”

“With over 25 years of experience and almost 2,000 successful installations and satisfied customers across the world, CDE has a lot to offer to savvy materials producers in the Gulf, including bespoke solutions for unrivalled tailings management and highly efficient mineral waste beneficiation,"  he added.

Since 1992, CDE has been designing and manufacturing wet processing systems for mines and quarries that enable customers to maximise the quality and quantity of the materials they produce whilst saving on energy and water consumption. The company has rapidly extended its footprint across the world and has become a household name in the Gulf’s construction materials industry, with an unrivalled reputation for product performance, reliability and customer service excellence.   

Wet Processing Solutions for the Middle East and North Africa:

CDE has over 80 successful installations in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region - a number that is growing year-on-year as the performance of the patented cyclone-based technology developed by the company continues to convince existing and future customers.  

CDE Sand Washing Plant in Kuwait - CDE Projects

The Gulf region is, indeed, a natural focus for business development for CDE, where it has successfully developed its presence in the past 10 years, and reinforced this through the launch of its new Dubai office in early 2019.  

“The Gulf is one of the key strategic growth regions for CDE, which is committed to the market, supporting clients with the best technology and services. We are working with key players in the market in the recycling, processing, and mineral processing industries across the region. Our local team is growing and so is our local services and spares availability,” Garg remarked.

The company will showcase its impressive pedigree at the Dubai Mining Show, which includes the design, manufacturing, and commissioning of the largest sand washing plant in the world as well as the world's largest wet processing facility for the recycling of construction and demolition waste material at Velde Pukk in Norway.

CDE Presentations at Dubai Mining Show 2019

CDE will take to the stage to deliver two premium presentations and three presentations in the demo theatre.

Adam Holland, head of mining at CDE, will kick off the series of talks on November 5 by discussing transformational solutions to enhance mine sustainability and improve profitability.

Paul Holroyd, head of sand and aggregates at CDE, will discuss the specificities of the sand and aggregates market in the Gulf and how to get the best value from both raw resources - be they natural sand, crushed rock from quarry sites, or even construction and demolition (C&D) waste - demonstrating that a zero-waste objective is achievable with the right technology.

Garg will discuss new technologies to transform C&D waste into high-value construction products.

The Dubai Mining Show will see the launch of the new patented CDE Combo in the Gulf region - a unique all-in-one materials wet processing system and water recycling unit.

CDE Combo Sand Washing Plant - Dubai Mining Show

“The Combo is no ordinary machine but rather a technological response to the challenges faced by materials producers in the world,” said Holland. “Designed with a focus on transferring greater reliability and efficiency benefits to customers, it can be used in the construction, C&D waste recycling, industrial sands, mining, and environmental sectors. This industry-leading technology is designed to unlock a ‘New World of Resource’, essential to protect our environment and build the world of the future.

“The Combo is a unique proposition on the global market, initiating a ‘washing revolution’. It is especially pertinent to the Gulf countries where water can be scarce and the environment can be harsh. With increased awareness of the environmental and human damage the overuse of oil-based energy, finite resources, and water can do in the region, the CDE Combo technology provides an effective upgrade to traditional systems that will future-proof quarry and mine operations in the Gulf,” Garg remarked.  

Sustainable Technology

CDE’s sustainable technology to produce washed and graded manufactured sand is helping to supplement natural sand, which is a finite resource and increasing in cost.  By utilising normally low-value crusher fines for high-quality sand production, CDE helps its customers to extend the life of natural resources and add huge commercial value to its customers’ enterprises.  

Producing up to two in-spec sand products simultaneously and ready for market straight from the belts, the Combo allows for the production of up to two grades of high-quality sand materials, including from a crushed rock feed, freeing operators from relying solely on the extraction of natural sand.  

This technology, unique to CDE, is breaking conventions to bring a fresh approach to sand washing. A compact installation that fulfills all wet processing needs from feed to final materials, CDE has combined its most advanced innovations to create a simple, one-touch system. With fast set-up within small or large footprints, the Combo is fast becoming the wet processing sensation of 2019,Garg added.

The Combo features patented technology that combines feeding, grading, washing, water recycling and stockpiling on one compact chassis and allows to run the full feed-to-the-final product process at the touch of a button, delivering up to three in-spec final materials. All processes work in perfect synergy, thanks to an impeccable design that was conceived with the customer in mind, however big or small their operations are, he said.

Garg continued: “Each Combo plant is bespoke to the client’s needs, with a range of options that allows for tonnage flexibility to suit all sizes of operations, from 50 to 500 tonnes per hour.  

“With a plug-and-play system that allows for unrivalled control of silt cut points, thanks to a highly efficient cyclone-based process, the Combo technology prevents loss of sand in the overflow and loss of valuable fines to ponds.”  

All six processing stages have been conceived with low energy consumption as a priority. Operators also benefit from exceptionally economical water consumption, with an incorporated water management unit that recycles up to 90 per cent of used water directly into the system. With all modules working as a close circuit, sand production is seamless, efficient and in specification every time. As valuable fines lost to ponds is a thing of the past, operators can reduce the footprint of their ponds, save on their maintenance and on downtime, speeding up production times and, therefore, return on investment.  

Garg pointed out that while the GCC does fairly well in terms of aggregates availability, natural sand resources are not up to the mark.

“They tend to be contaminated with high contents of fine or clay - and in some countries with chloride - and, therefore, do not meet required grading specifications,” he said.

“Washing helps us reach the desired standard to optimise the cement consumption in concrete mixes, or to improve the quality of final products such as interlocking tiles and blocks. Furthermore, with the growing concerns over construction costs, where cement plays an important role, washing the sand to the right specification allows significant savings in construction materials,” he pointed out.

Over the past 10 years CDE has consistently invested in the Gulf as part of its commitment to implementing a strong localisation plan across eight regions of the world.  It has created a network of partners across the region – in Kuwait, Oman, and Bahrain - to increase its footprint in key markets.

“Exceptionally strong customer relationships have grown organically from these partnerships, with a range of wet processing plants being sold and commissioned for key players in the materials producing industry,” said Garg. 

From Bucket Wheel to Cyclone

From originally concentrating on encouraging customers to replace bucket wheels with efficient cyclone-based EvoWash sand washing plants, CDE has been commissioning a series of plants including 12 M-Series washing systems over the past year in the Gulf, he noted.

Garg continued: “This is significant when it comes to explaining the increasing demand for high-quality sand and aggregates from the Gulf countries. Dry screened materials no longer appeal to construction companies that need to meet growing quality standards.

“CDE consistently works to optimise the usage of naturally available sand and aggregates resources. We are leading the way in Man-Sand technology (for instance, CDE has installed a manufactured sand plant in Oman) and in the wet processing of C&D waste, with landmark installations such as the largest C&D waste processing plant in the world in Norway.

“Furthermore, with integrated water management solutions than can recycle up to 95% of the process water for immediate reuse in the system, we are committed to washing more sustainably.”

CDE has also brought innovative ways of plant maintenance and control to the region with its launch of Smart core system, which will be addressed in a presentation at the Dubai Mining Show.

Iron Ore Wash Plant at Simec Australia - CDE Global Projects

Over the past year, CDE has installed one of the largest and most advanced silica processing plants in Tunisia with a capacity of 250 tonnes per hour, where it has supplied counter-flow classification units (CFCU's) for effective separation at 100-150 microns, and CDE patented technology for fines screening for 600-1,000 microns. It has also carried out projects for almost all the major sand processing companies in Kuwait and Bahrain; gold projects in Africa; and a phosphate project and iron ore mining projects in Australia.

CDE will be present at Stand E30 at the Dubai Mining Show.





CDE at Dubai Mining Show 2019

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