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Dredged Material

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Dredged Material

Dredged materials have a long and successful record in the manufacture of structural strength concrete for the construction industry. But handling dredged materials through dredging of lakes, oceans, ponds, can be challenging due to variable nature of excavated material and and because material often needs to be decontaminated.

Solutions For Dredged Material

We deliver solutions for both contaminated and non-contaminated dredged material and our solutions can help to regulate the flow of material fed direct from the dredge pump, delivering a consistent flow, with no double handling or drying time required before you feed your plant.

Traditional wet processing equipment is robust in nature, but it lacks the efficiency needed to capture all of the saleable product in the process. CDE’s advanced classification and dewatering technology increases the accuracy of separation and delivers a product with less than 15% moisture content –over 10% less than traditional methods -straight off the belts, eliminating the need for drying. The CDE solution removes any contaminants found in sediment and therefore clean sand and stone can be generated for re-use and pumping costs become a thing of the past.

A turnkey solution will be required for full decontamination of dredged material. This includes a range of scrubbing, washing, classification, dewatering and purification equipment. Our system can also be combined with tertiary water treatment, can be commissioned on a barge reducing the need for jetties and eliminating the costs associated with them. A customised solution can be created to suit each company's needs.


Dewatered. Dynamically Handled. End to end.

We guarantee a full turnkey solution that will increase operating efficiency and reduces costs from processing recovered fines by reducing double handling and drying time. It delivers big savings on maintenance and removes unnecessary health & safety risks. And it increases yields by minimising the loss of quality fines from your dredged material producing a higher quality product.

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