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Product brochures

CDE Product Range

  • Product Range Brochure English UK Download
  • Product Range Brochure English US Download
  • Product Range Brochure French Download
  • Product Range Brochure German Download
  • Product Range Brochure Portuguese Download
  • Product Range Brochure Spanish Download
  • Product Range Brochure Czech Download

AggMax™ Modular Logwasher

  • AggMax™ Brochure English US Download
  • AggMax™ Brochure English Uk Download
  • AggMax Brochure French Download
  • AggMax Brochure German Download
  • AggMax Brochure Brazilian/Portuguese Download

AquaCycle™ Thickener

  • AquaCycle™ Thickener English US Download
  • AquaCycle™ Thickener English UK Download
  • AquaCycle Brochure French Download
  • AquaCycle Brochure German Download
  • AquaCycle Brochure Brazilian/Portuguese Download
  • AquaCycle Brochure Spanish Download

Combo™ All-in-One Sand Washing & Water Recycling Plant

  • Combo™ Brochure English US Download
  • Combo™ Brochure English UK Download
  • Combo Brochure French Download

EvoWash™ Sand Washing Plant

  • EvoWash™ Brochure English US Download
  • EvoWash™ Brochure English US Download
  • EvoWash Brochure French Download
  • EvoWash Brochure German Download
  • EvoWash Brochure Portuguese Download
  • EvoWash Brochure Spanish Download
  • EvoWash Brochure Czech Download

Plate Press Brochure

  • Plate Press Brochure English US Download
  • Plate Press Brochure English UK Download
  • Filter Press Brochure French Download
  • Filter Press Brochure Portuguese Download

FracLine™ Frac Sand Processing Plant

Infinity™ Screens

  • Infinity™ Screens Brochure English US Download
  • Infinity™ Screens Brochure English UK Download
  • Infinity Screens Brochure French Download
  • Infinity Screens Brochure German Download
  • Infinity Screens Brochure Brazilian/Portuguese Download
  • Infinity Screens Brochure Spanish Download

M-Series™ Modular Washing Plant

  • M-Series™ Brochure English US Download
  • M-Series™ Brochure English UK Download
  • M-Series Brochure French Download
  • M-Series Brochure German Download
  • M-Series Brochure Brazilian/Portuguese Download
  • M-Series Brochure Spanish Download

R-Series™ Primary Scalping Screens

  • R-Series™ Brochure English US Download
  • R-Series™ Brochure English UK Download
  • R-Series Brochure French Download
  • R-Series Brochure Portuguese Download

ShearClean Attrition Cells

  • ShearClean Brochure English US Download
  • ShearClean Brochure English UK Download
  • Shearclean Brochure French Download
  • ShearClean Brochure Brazilian Portuguese Download

Sector brochures

Introducing CDE

  • Introducing CDE EN Download
  • Introduction produits - brochure_FR Download

CDE Primo - Maximising Sand & Aggregates Resources

  • CDE Primo Brochure English UK Download
  • CDE Primo Brochure English US Download
  • CDE Primo Brochure French Download

CDE Reco - Creating Valuable Resources From Construction & Demolition Waste

  • CDE Reco Brochure English UK Download
  • CDE Reco Brochure English US Download

CDE Solv - Creating High Value From Industrial Sand Resources

  • CDE Solv Brochure English UK Download
  • CDE Solv Brochure English US Download

CDE Meta - Maximising Mining Resources

  • CDE Meta Brochure English UK Download
  • CDE Meta Brochure English US Download
  • CDE Meta Brochure French Download

CDE - Our Story

  • Our Story brochure EN Download

Tunnelling & Underground works

  • Tunnelling brochure EN Download
  • Tunnelling - brochure_FR Download

CustomCare Brochure

AssetCare Preventative Maintenance

  • AssetCare_Web EN.pdf Download

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