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AggMax Modular Logwasher

The patented* technology in the AggMax logwasher combines feeding, scrubbing, sizing and trash removal on a compact chassis

Versatile. Smart. Beyond tough.

A patented modular scrubbing and classification system that will maximize product yield from clay bound feedstock in the sand & aggregates, mining and C&D waste recycling sectors.

Beyond tough

Your patented AggMax is packed with design features and innovations that ensure it will perform in the toughest conditions and transform your claybound material into high value materials - turning your waste material into high value final products.

Built to last

Our unique Paddle design in your AggMax ensures they will stand the test of time in even the most difficult applications.

Our use of high cast chrome ensures maximum equipment life - allowing you to continue to meet and exceed your production targets.

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Infinity screening technology

Your AggMax features our patented Infinity screening technology on the integrated H-Line sizing screen - removes unnecessary weight, deploys power efficiently and reduces overall power consumption.

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Maximizing product yield

The integrated mining grade slurry pump on your AggMax logwasher allows for liberated fines to be recovered to your fines washing plant - maximizing product yield and the return on your investment.


5 processes. 1 machine.

Feed. Scrub. Size. Remove organics and other unwanted contaminants. Stockpile

Rapid Deployment

Pre-wired, factory built and tested to ensure you are up and running in the shortest possible time.

Tried & Tested

Our testing regime ensures that once your AggMax reaches site it will be ready for work in the shortest possible time.


FEA Analysis

DAQ testing

Electrical & Water testing prior to dispatch

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Performance & Efficiency

A suite of design innovations which ensure lifetime performance from your AggMax logwasher

Fan arrangement of paddles

The paddles in your AggMax logwasher are in a fan arrangement which ensures consistent loads - maximizing the working life of your machine and minimizing running costs by reducing the overall power requirement.

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Unique tub design

Our unique tub design allows material to form its own bed in the AggMax logwasher offering superior protection for your machine and extending equipment life to ensure you can continue to exceed your production targets.

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Built to last

An integrated wear protection plate on every paddle protects bolts and maximizes equipment availability by facilitating the easy replacement of paddles as and when required.

Feed point efficiency

A carefully controlled feed point maximizes the scrubbing capacity while also ensuring the feed material does not make contact with the twin shafts.

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Contaminant removal

The integrated trash screen allows for the effective removal of organics and other lightweight contaminants - ensuring the production of the highest quality final aggregates and mineral ores.

Case Studies

Fluid coupling

Fluid coupling absorbs start up torque, allowing the motor to reach full speed while under very little load.

Optional Variable Speed Drive (VSD) gives additional flexibility over shaft RPM to allow for variations in your feed material

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Other design features include:

Single motor and gearbox driving the twin shafts ensuring complete synchronisation

Temperature sensors on rear bearings allow you to easily monitor machine performance and extends the working life of your AggMax

Double sealed bearings eliminate the potential for water or material ingress and contamination - maximizing the working life of your AggMax

Adjustable RPM allows you to control retention time to allow for variations in your feed material

Easily adjustable water controls allow you to make changes quickly and easily depending on the nature of your feed material

Safety First

A safer workforce is a happier & more productive workforce. That is why the patented AggMax is packed with design features and innovations which minimize the time spent on essential plant inspection and maintenance.

Lightweight top guards

Lightweight top guards ensure ease of access for equipment inspection and maintenance - protecting your people while maximizing equipment availability.

Vision & Values

Easy access to feed point

A pulley system allows easy access to the feed point for essential plant inspection and maintenance.

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GRP Guards

Lightweight & robust GRP guards not only contribute to an overall weight reduction but are easy for one person to remove and refit - meaning your AggMax spends more time on the job.

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Room to work

Clear area around motor to provide space to work quickly, safely and easily

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* Patent numbers - GB 2505483, GB 2515489, GB 2524294, GB 2524294, US 9643115 and CA 2882997