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CDE Combo™

The world's first all-in-one wet processing & water treatment system.

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All-in-One Solution - Portable & Compact

With a capacity range of 30 to 550 tons per hour, the patented* Combo™ all-in-one wet processing system takes all the innovation of the groundbreaking CDE sand washing technology and gives it the power to be portable. 

More than plant machinery, the Combo™ wet processing system is a technological response to the challenges faced by materials producers. 

The CDE Combo™ provides five solutions on one chassis - feeding, sizing, sand-washing, stockpiling and water treatment.

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Ready To Go

Pre-Wired & Pre-Tested

Pre-wired and pre-tested prior to dispatch, the Combo™ is built for rapid assembly and set up and can start processing material within days of arrival on site. It will arrive for you on site ready to plug and play either as a standalone plant or as part of a turnkey solution.

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Small Footprint

The compact nature of the Combo™ and its speed of installation has made it a popular solution for urban areas where space is limited. The plug & play nature of this pioneering equipment enables you to move to multiple sites quickly including remote locations.

With a 30% reduced footprint compared to traditional setups, the Combo™ requires less civils expenditure & planning requirements for customers, while also ensuring less energy is needed to operate the plant.

Zero Waste

The patented Combo™ has been designed to ensure there is no loss of sand during processing, which is a big advantage to traditional sand washing systems which can result in the loss of sand to ponds.

The silt recovered as a by-product during the washing process can be converted into bricks using a Filter Press, while the Combo is also non-polluting with a zero liquid discharge, zero dust, and a noise level below 70db.

CDE produced sand reduces cement consumption, has a consistent water absorption rate, and removes silt and clay.

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Discover the Combo X900E2 at ConExpo 2020

CDE is set to revolutionize the wet processing industry once more with the launch of the latest-in-the-range Combo™ all-in-one wet processing solution at CONEXPO-CON/AGG. 

The patented Combo™ was unveiled at bauma in April 2019, as the first fully integrated, modular, turnkey materials wet processing and water management solution for the production of premium manufactured sands.


Perfect Sand, Each & Everytime

Every CDE Combo is customized to meet the requirements of your operation. With the absence of silt and clay in the final product, the material produced by the Combo can command premium prices with guaranteed sand quality and a consistent water absorption rate.

Reduce Your Water Consumption by up to 90%

The Combo is designed to facilitate washing of your material while reducing water consumption by up to 90% thanks to the integrated water recycling system. 

The Combo™ allows customers almost total independence of water supply. It requires a small supply of freshwater compared with traditional systems which typically consume 10-15 times more water.

We have created a next-generation solution with the ability to wash 500tph of sand and aggregates with the same amount of water it takes to wash a truck.


Optimized Operations, Maximum Yields, Fast Returns

Hassle Free Finance

Tailored price per-ton finance options from CDE which means you can pay for The Combo™ in a way that suits the needs of your business.

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Produce 2 In-Spec Products

The Combo™ can produce up to two in-spec products from natural sand or, crucially, from crushed rock, turning what is often considered as a waste by-product into a product that adds value to your operation in larger volumes, whilst saving water, energy, and money.

Produce Premium Manufactured Sands with the Combo™

The Combo™ produces premium M-Sand, provides better gradation, increased efficiency, and is eco-friendly, compact & portable. The Combo™ has the unique ability to process materials from natural sand or crushed rock fines & reserves, giving customers full production flexibility depending on access to raw feed. It produces sand that is free from impurities and is proven to reduce the consumption of cement in concrete. It can be used in the construction, C&D waste recycling, industrial sands, mining, and environmental sectors.

Manufactured Sands

Manufactured sands from the Combo sand washing plant

Feed Point Efficiency

The feed hopper features an integrated belt feeder to ensure the efficient transfer of material from the hopper to the next stage of processing. Combo also features a belt weigher as standard.

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Cut Point Efficiency

Your patented Combo™ all-in-one wet processing system is custom built for your specific project - ensuring efficient control of silt cut points and delivering washed sand products that meet your required specification every time. A turnkey solution that delivers in-spec washed products from a wide range of feed materials.

Unrivaled Sand Dewatering

Our patented Infinity Screen technology provides industry-leading sand dewatering and classification, delivering washed sand that's ready for market straight from the belts - allowing you to turn your products into revenue as quickly as possible.

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Complete Control of Sand Specification

Integrated wing conveyors controlled by a hydraulic cylinder give you unrivaled control of your sand specifications. This unique technology allows you to make concrete and plaster sand at the same time.

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All-in-One Wet Processing & Water Treatment System

Sludge Management

Our unique sludge management technology accelerates the drying time of your tailings for a smaller tailings footprint and allows for recycled water to be returned to the Combo™ washing plant much more quickly than other systems.


Quick, Easy & Safe Access

There are no compromises with the Combo™ all-in-one wet processing system. This is a customer-focused solution with unmatched maintenance access, making it quick, easy and safe to perform essential plant maintenance. Pre-wired and pre-tested before dispatch, the plant is built for rapid assembly and set up and can start processing material within days of arriving on site.

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Automatic Operation

Combo™ is equipped with an on board control panel housed in a double door stainless steel enclosure to ensure suitability for outdoor application in even the most harsh environments. Touch screen Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) is standard.

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* Patent number - GB 2552042 


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