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Mobile Screening & Classification System

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Efficient Mobile Screening

The D:MAX system is the industry standard for the removal of solids from liquid wastes in situ and has been delivering for utilities and contractors for 14 years.

Performance & Efficiency

Material Processing

This D:MAX can be applied to process a variety of materials and waste streams such as: Lagoon / Pond Emptying Solids, Storm Screenings, AD Settled Residues, Tank Cleanout Residue, Municipal Solids

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Reduced Costs

Carbon and costs are reduced, with fewer vehicle movements and less waste to dispose of. Operations are accelerated by separating waste solids from liquid on site rather than transporting all waste off site.

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Revenue streams

Dewatered solid wastes can be recycled or reused, benefitting customer operations and the environment.

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Return On Investment

The D:MAX creates new markets for classified and dewatered products. Legislation from Environmental Agencies has designated classified and dewatered grit as a ‘Low Risk Waste’ therefore allowing its use on a range of construction projects. Classified grit material can also be sold to the agricultural market.

A world of options

The D:MAX system is tailored to the individual requirements of the waste water treatment process and offers water utility companies and contractors the most efficient processing system for a range of waste materials.

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Quick, easy & safe access for maintenance


Standard compliant walkways to ensure quick, easy and safe access for maintenance.

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Ease of operation

The D:MAX comes equipped with its own onboard generator for ease of operation; this also provides additional flexibility on site to run ancillary equipment.

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The telescopic product conveyor gives the D:MAX an added degree of flexibility to cope with the individual requirements of the site it is operating on. This can be deployed on either side of the D:MAX.

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The D:MAX has numerous safety features which ensure the health and safety of operators, including isolator systems, emergency stops, hydrostatic sensors, guarding, handrails, and an on-board power washer. It's also fitted with lights to enhance safety for night time operation.


Rosta screen mounts ensure the maximum transfer of energy to the material on the screen guaranteeing the most efficient use of power

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Looking for more?

If you're looking for a mobile solution with a smaller footprint check out the MSU:10G unit.

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