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M-Series Modular Wash Plant

Feed, screen, wash & stockpile up to 5 products

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With patented* technology, M-Series is the world's first modular, mobile washing plant to integrate feeding, screening, sand washing and stockpiling on a compact chassis.

Performance & Efficiency

Your M-Series includes numerous design features to ensure maximum equipment availability and lifetime performance

Performance & Efficiency

VibroCentric Drive

The unique construction of the VibroCentric drive removes unnecessary weight while delivering acceleration up to 5G for enhanced screening performance.

A single sealed unit, the drive system is protected from material and water ingress to ensure maximum equipment life and allows you to continue to meet and exceed your production targets.

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VibroSync motor bridge

The VibroSync drive system on the integrated patented Infinity D-Line dewatering screen delivers the most efficient dewatering of your fine material by ensuring the even distribution of power across the full screening area.

D-Line Dewatering Screens

Transfer point efficiency

Rubber lining at every feed and impact point offers superior protection for your M-Series and lifetime performance. Our design delivers material to the center of the integrated conveyor for efficient transfer to stockpile.

Case Studies
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Unrivaled cut point control

Customized hydrocyclone configuration for unrivaled cut point control – delivering consistently graded products which maximize your return and enhance the efficiency of downstream processes


A machine you can trust

The M-Series has earned its stars. A global project portfolio taking in applications across 5 sectors and 8 regions gives you comfort that your M-Series is up to whatever job you put it to.

Case Studies

Quality, Efficiency, Reliability.

The M2500 revolutionized the global wet processing equipment market and our new enhanced M-Series range is built with the same values at its core.


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Built to Last.

Our patented Infinity screening technology ensures your M-Series is built to stand the test of time.

Our unique trilogy side wall construction eliminates welds from the screen for maximum equipment life and also removes unnecessary weight for reduced power consumption.


Rapid Deployment

Your M-Series is pre-wired, factory built and tested to ensure you are up and running in the shortest possible time

Safety first

A safer workforce is a happier & more productive workforce. That is why the M-Series is packed with design features and innovations which minimize the time spent on essential plant inspection and maintenance

Safety First

GRP Guards

Lightweight and robust GRP guards are easy for one person to remove and provide quick and easy access to grease points - maximizing equipment availability and production volumes.

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Quick, easy & safe access

There are no compromises with the M-Series - that is why you'll get the same specification of walkways as on a static installation. This gives your people quick, easy and safe access for maintenance.

Protecting your people

The patented M-Series is packed full of features to keep your people safe including a safety pull cord, fitted as standard on all CDE conveyors and included on your M-Series feed conveyor.

Case Studies
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Reducing maintenance time

The integrated Infinity screen on your M-Series modular washing plant offers increased space between the screen decks - ensuring maintenance time is reduced by providing quick, easy and safe access and more room to work than ever before.

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* Patent numbers - GB 2523657, GB 2515489, GB 2505483, GB 2524294, US 9764330, US 9643115, US 9776214 and CA 2882997


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