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Portable Sludge Screening System

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Portable Sludge Screening

The MSU:10 is a portable sludge screen designed to facilitate efficient solid and liquid separation from a variety of applications, including: Sewage Sludges, Storm Screenings, Digester Feed Sludge and Digestate, Lagoon / Pond Emptying Solids, Tank Cleanout Residues, Industrial Process Solids, Food Processing Solids.

Return on Investment

MSU:10 offers efficient solid and liquid separation with reduced waste volumes. Maximum dewatering of screenings, minimises waste volumes & disposal costs. The MSU:10 is portable ensuring that transportation costs are kept to a minimum.

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Built to Last

Highest specification components are used throughout the MSU:10 to ensure maximum plant and component life.

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Easy Transport

The design of the MSU:10 into a single complete unit allows for transportation by a standard six yard skip vehicle with telescopic arms.

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The MSU:10 footprint is less than a parking space. As well as this, the material feed point into the MSU:10 is sealed, eliminating the possibility of spillage and containing odours.

A world of options

If you are interested in the MSU:10 and want to find out more about it's technical abilities, get in touch. We have other products in this range that can process at different capacities, including our MSU:10G.

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Quick, easy & safe access for maintenance

Ease of Operation

Interchangeable non-bolted media enables application specific sized solids removal.

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Minimal Downtime

Tanker turnaround time is significantly decreased as tankers can discharge directly to the MSU:10, and locating the screen next to the process reduces the need to transport material to the processing point.

Plug & Play

Pre-tested stainless steel control panel enclosure mounted on system ensuring unit is completely portable.

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Modular polyurethane panels on dewatering screen result in superior screening performance and the lowest lifetime costs of ownership.

Looking for more?

The MSU:10G mobile screen takes screening wherever it needs to be quickly and easily.


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