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P-Line Inclined Screens

Patented* Infinity P-Line - Inclined screens

Quality. Efficiency. Reliability.

A patented range of inclined sizing screens from the Infinity range - removing unnecessary weight, delivering a high power to weight ratio and a reduction in power consumption.

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Built to last

The Infinity standard

Galvanizing is not an option. It's the Infinity standard - and it ensures the longest working life for your patented Infinity screen.

The original & best

Isenmann were the first to bring polyurethane screen media to the global market and our 20-year partnership ensures that your patented Infinity screen includes the original and best.

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Investing in the future

Explorer spherical roller bearings are featured on your patented Infinity P-Line screen and are rated for up to 70,000 hours giving you confidence and comfort that an investment in Infinity is an investment in peace of mind long into the future

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Advanced equipment protection

Your patented Infinity P-Line inclined sizing screen features an independent spray bar assembly which is protected from vibration to maximize equipment life and availability - allowing you to continue to meet and exceed your production targets.

Zero welds for zero stress

Patented Trilogy side wall construction

Our patented Trilogy system for the construction of the screen side walls eliminates welds and ensures screening performance is maintained for life.

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Patented U-Span cross members

Our patented U-Span cross members are built for superior abrasion resistance and are fixed to the screen side walls using huck bolts - eliminating welds and ensuring the longest working life for your Infinity screen.

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Power in the right place

Our unique shaft design on the patented P-Line range of inclined sizing screens removes unnecessary weight delivering a higher power to weight ratio in combination with an overall reduction in power consumption. A single sealed body shaft construction eliminates the potential for material or water ingress – maximizing equipment availability

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Performance & Efficiency

A catalog of features and design innovations across the patented Infinity range embody the CDE commitment to innovation and engineering excellence.

Patented suspension system

A patented suspension system delivers 98% vibration isolation - ensuring maximum transfer of energy to your material and enhanced protection for your Infinity screen.

Protection at every feed & impact point

Bolted in polyurethane and rubber linings at screen inlet and discharge not only protect your screen but are quick and easy to replace - maximizing production by minimizing the time required for essential plant inspection and maintenance.

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Enhanced shaft protection

Your patented P-Line inclined sizing screen features an integrated magnetic polyurethane cover on the VibroCentric shaft for superior protection and ease of replacement.

Clean electric power for reduced environmental impact

Across the patented Infinity screen range we use electric drive for cleaner, quieter, cooler operation - minimizing the environmental impact of your operation.

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Safety first

A safer, happier workforce is a more productive workforce. That is why the Infinity range is designed with your operators in mind and is packed with features which minimize the time required for essential equipment inspection and maintenance.

Room to work

The patented Infinity range has been designed with increased space between the screen decks allowing easy access to replace screen media - minimizing the time required for essential plant maintenance and allowing you to meet and exceed your production targets.

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GRP Guards

Lightweight and robust GRP guards are easy for one person to remove and replace - ensuring maximum equipment availability.

M-Series modular washing plant

You will find the patented P-Line inclined sizing screens integrated on our M-Series range of modular washing plants.


* Patent numbers - GB 2515489, GB 2505483, US 9643115 and CA 2882997