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Plate Press

Eliminate waste and increase water recycling to more than 95%

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A customized solution

Our experience in the delivery of turnkey wet processing projects and our research partnerships with world leaders in dewatering technology combine to bring you a plate press range with an unrivaled suite of features and options.

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Application across 5 sectors

Whether you operate in the mining, sand & aggregates, C&D waste recycling, industrial sands or environmental sectors we have a plate press for your application.

Built to last

Our range of filter presses come with a variety of surface finish options to suit applications across many sectors from sand & aggregates and mining to C&D waste recycling and municipal wastewater treatment.

Built to last

Custom built fines management

Feed to your plate press is optimized through the integration of a custom built fines management system which maximizes the life of your plate cloths and protects feed pumps by ensuring there are no sand particles in your feed to the plate press.

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Lifetime performance

Our plate cloths are proven to last more than 6000 cycles on installations across the globe ensuring maximum availability - allowing you to concentrate on meeting your production targets from your CDE washing & classification plant.

Pull to close mechanism

Our plate press range features a pull to close mechanism for increased durability and extended equipment life.

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Detailed material analysis

Our detailed analysis of your feed material ensures your plate press is built with consideration for the unique requirements of your wet processing plant.

It is only this that allows us to confidently specify the correct plate packs, chamber thickness, cycle times and cloth wash systems to ensure maximum sludge dewatering.

Rapid Deployment

Clever integration of buffer tanks, plate press controls and filter cake discharge areas within the plate press enclosure minimizes the space required for your plate press.

Water Recycling

The best return on your investment

By designing your plate press specifically for your project, only using the highest quality components and optimizing the delivery system to your plate press we deliver maximum equipment availability with minimum operator intervention. This combines to give you peace of mind - and the best return on your investment.

Return on investment

Minimise waste handling & management costs

No more tailings dams or settling ponds. 95% water recycling reduces costs associated with the supply of fresh water to your wet processing plant.

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Eliminate waste disposal costs

Your filter cake contains 85% dry solids and can be used in several applications such as pond lining or landfill capping when employed on a sand & aggregates or C&D waste recycling project. This eliminates waste disposal costs and helps to make your operation more profitable.

Performance & Efficiency

Your plate press is custom built to your specific application after extensive material testing to ensure maximum dewatering of your filter cake, optimized cycle times and longevity for all the constituent parts of your installation.

A fully integrated solution

including automatic cloth washing, filtrates drip tray, all internal pipework and controls

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performance & efficiency

Maximum water recycling

Your filter cake contains 85% dry solids and this can be increased further with the specification of membrane cloths.

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Consistent feed for maximum dewatering

Buffer tanks located beside the plate press enclosure include agitators which ensure delivery of a consistent feed to the filter press – maximizing dewatering performance.

Buffer Tanks

Other features include:

An integrated automatic cloth wash system operates at up to 100 bar pressure and ensures dewatering performance is maintained for life.

A range of plate sizes up to 2m, chamber thicknesses and plate packs guarantees the best performance.

Specially designed drip trays to recover all filtrate and return it to the washing plant.

Safety first

A safer workforce is a happier & more productive workforce. Your plate press is packed with design features and innovations which minimize the time spent on essential plant inspection and maintenance.

Protecting your people

Your plate press is equipped with an integrated safety barrier on both sides and infrared sensors automatically which halt operation of the plate press if breached.


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