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ShearClean Attrition Cells

High attrition scrubbing of your fine material to remove contaminants

Create value from waste

Maximize yield from your deposit for the most efficient exploitation of natural reserves with our patented* ShearClean Attrition Cells.

Reduced operational costs

ShearClean offers you a high specific capacity requiring less power, reducing your running costs and maximizing the efficiency of your processing plant.

Unrivaled contaminant removal

Efficient removal of contaminants from your fine material feed ensures the production of consistently graded material, allowing you to maximize the efficiency of your downstream production processes.

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High solids concentration

ShearClean attrition cells are designed to operate at 80% solids concentration for maximum scrubbing efficiency and a higher specific capacity. This high concentration maximizes material on material impact for unrivaled scrubbing performance.

Built to last

The patented ShearClean attrition cells are packed with features and design innovations which ensure your machine will stand the test of time.

In-line gearbox

The in-line configuration of the ShearClean gearbox eliminates cantilever load to maximize the working life of your attrition cells.


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Planetary gearbox

ShearClean attrition cells feature a planetary gearbox – compact and low weight with a high power density and maximum equipment life.

An oil cooling system prevents the unit from overheating, ensuring maximum equipment availability and allowing you to meet and exceed your production targets.

Rubber lined cells

Individual cells fitted with rubber linings to protect your unit and minimize the time required for essential plant inspection and maintenance.

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Performance & Efficiency

Consistent material scrubbing

Paddle design increases attrition towards the tank periphery ensuring consistent scrubbing for all your material and maximizes material on material impact for the most efficient scrubbing performance.

Other design features include:

Accurate concentration control for efficient and consistent scrubbing.

Patent pending automatic flush system to maximize cell efficiency.

Adjustable retention time allows for variations in feed to be easily accommodated.

A small number of constituent parts – individual cells and shaft assembly – for rapid deployment.

Soft start reduces power requirement at start up and extends motor life by reducing load stress.

ShearClean utilizes 30kW motors where others require 50kW to enable start up under full load.

Safety first

A safer workforce is a happier & more productive workforce. That is why the ShearClean is designed to minimize the time spent on essential plant maintenance.

Easy maintenance access

Inspection hatches on individual cells to allow for ease of visual inspection and access.

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Motor & gearbox access

Easy access to the motor and gearbox to minimize maintenance time and ensure maximum equipment availability - allowing you to meet and exceed your production targets.

Other features include:

All moving parts guarded to international safety standards.

No exposed moving parts for increased health and safety on site.

Isolators pre-wired to motors to protect your people.

* Patent numbers - GB 2548856B and GB 2533597