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Sludge Screening System

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Efficient Wet Screening

The S:MAX range of equipment solutions are high efficiency wet screening systems applied where there is a requirement for efficient liquid/solid separation. 

Performance & Efficiency

Sludge materials

The S:MAX range is specifically designed for automated screening of all types of sewage sludge including: Raw Sludge, Surplus Activated Sludge, Septic Tank Sludge, digester Feed Sludge and digestate, Lagoon / Pond Emptying Solids, Storm Screenings, Tank Cleanout Residues

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Maximise product yield & minimise waste volumes

The S:MAX Range can easily accommodate both indigenous sludge and imported sludge. Our design enables the capture of rag and grit from even high solids sludges.

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Captures rag & grit

S:MAX systems produce screened sludges with the majority of rag and grit removed before they can reach valuable sludge processes, maintaining capacity in tanks further down the treatment line for biomass power generation. Reduced solids passing through pumps, tanks and centrifuges reduces wear and the requirement for unnecessary maintenance.

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Return On Investment

S:MAX technology is proven to effectively remove grit and rag from the process line, maximising product yield and minimising waste volumes.

A world of options

The S:MAX range consists of 4 different products, each with different capacities - SRU15, SRU25, SRU15G, SRU25G. Get in touch to find out which one suits your business operations best.

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Quick, easy & safe access for maintenance


BS 5395-3 stairs and walkways ensure easy, safe access for inspection.

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Room to work

The S:MAX is a compact unit that arrives tested and pre-wired, and ready to quickly reassemble on site to ensure rapid and efficient deployment.

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2-3 Inlet Points for indigenous and tankered sludge

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The S:MAX Range has numerous safety features which ensure the health and safety of operators, including isolator systems, emergency stops, hydrostatic sensors, guarding, handrails, and temperature sensors.


CDE’s non-pressurised screening technology ensures high efficiency and high throughput with minimal blockage.

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Looking for more?

If you need a mobile solution for processing grit in-situ take a look at our D:MAX screening and classification system.


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