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After Sales & Support

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CustomCare is the dedicated 24/7 After Sales and Support team at CDE.

The CDE CustomCare team are with you throughout your CDE project, ensuring you get the maximum performance from your equipment. 

CustomCare begins at the start of commissioning:

  • Your CustomCare Regional Manager attends the initial kick-off meeting.
  • The CDE CustomCare team work alongside you to develop a bespoke parts and support plan that is tailored just for your plant.
  • You will have multiple on-site meetings with the CDE CustomCare team to help develop a better understanding of the project and your needs.
  • During the final project handover meeting, responsibility for your project is formally passed from the CDE ProMan™ team to CustomCare. From here we can work together to ensure you achieve maximum efficiency from your plant all year round.

CDE on-boarding

Our on-boarding program features site and office-based training with a CDE expert, for operators to ensure the highest levels of both health & safety on site, and plant efficiency. 

Your training is tailored to your requirements and will ensure that you:

  • Develop your operators to expert level over the first 6-month period of system operation.
  • Learn how to operate the CDE wet-processing system efficiently.
  • Learn the key techniques of CDE equipment maintenance.
  • Develop an understanding of the plant's key parameters.
  • Learn how to effectively accommodate feed material variability.