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CDE CORE - Smart Technology for Wet Processing PlantsCDE CORE is a suite of smart technology tools that allows CDE customers to have greater control over their plant. This innovative range of technology solutions helps customers:

  • Increase plant efficiency
  • Lower operating costs

There are 3 elements in the suite of CDE CORE products, each offering something different in plant management for CDE customers. Together, this suite of software provides:

  1. Control
  2. Operational efficiency
  3. Resource and asset management
  4. Ease of operation

The 3 elements within CDE CORE are:

  1. CORE 3D - A bespoke parts catalog unique to your plant with the ability to see 3D visualizations of your plant. 
  2. CORE Workflow - A system to simplify and monitor operator activity, providing information on plant process flows and maintenance records to enable plant owners to create checklists and process flows for engineers and operators. 
  3. CORE SmartTech - A real-time health tracker for your CDE plant. Intelligent sensors monitor key components of your plant to provide a status of your plant's performance at the touch of a button. SmartTech also provides historical data and trends on your CDE plant, linking with CORE Workflow to monitor maintenance schedules. CORE SmartTech will be available from the end of 2018.

CDE CORE ensures CDE customers have access to information on how their plant is operating, as and when they need it. Where a CustomCare program is in place, CDE equipment is proven to achieve +95% plant availability.

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