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Preventative Maintenance Inspection

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Ensure maximum efficiency from your plant all year round with a Preventative Maintenance Inspection (PMI)

Through expert knowledge and regular service visits we can:

  • Analyze the condition of your plant and identify areas of improvement
  • Use our report findings to order the required parts and schedule timely maintenance

The advantages of CDE PMI:

  1. Greater generation of revenue through consistent productivity and efficiency
  2. Maintained high-quality end products
  3. Your plant remains operational at the optimal level
  4. Extended life of your plant
  5. Manpower freed up to focus on maximizing productivity
  6. Avoidance of regulatory fines


Giving you confidence in your project and support for the lifetime of your plant.

  • Quality - Only the highest quality components are used across the CDE range of equipment.
  • 24/7 - Critical parts are stocked with 24/7 dispatch availability.
  • Local - We provide support through our team of Regional Service Engineers and CDE Service Partners.
  • 2,000 hours - We provide 2,000-hour warranty on all non-wear mechanical & electrical parts through normal use.

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